What does it stand for?

Malaysian University Selection Inventory! Yayys!


No need to so kan-chong prepare for it, cos it’s just like doing some online personality test. No IQ questions, just statements that require you to choose between yes or no kinda thing, concerning your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, integrity, etc.

There’s about 300 something questions (all in Malay), some really laughable loh. Like do you have a timetable? Of course I put yes lah, I have one, but whether I follow it, that’s another thing! Lols.

Well, I thought I sort of like failed this test, cos for one section (divided into 4 sections) I put a lot lot lot of tidak benar about myself. I don’t like gardening, taking care of pets, typing, etc.

And when I told Dad that, he went,

“Aiya, why you didn’t put benar? Sometimes it’s the concept behind it that they’re asking..”

“But I really don’t like doing them leh!” I replied.

Then I asked Catherine if she put benar to all those that I didn’t, and she said yes.

Speechless. Haha.

But I got the call for the interview anyway, gah, jangan risau.. just be yourself when doing the test. But pandai-pandai sendiri lah, some are obvious statements related to the course.


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