USM Interview

For my application I put 3 pilihan (Communications, Graphic Communications, Interior Design), and all 3 courses had an interview.

So I received an SMS (which is usually really really late) saying that I’m called for the interview, and was asked to go check it out online. And when I did, I got all 3 choices, because it wrote all 3 interview sessions (where and when).

Of course I didn’t go for all 3 interviews, haha. Gila ah, they were all on different days. Somemore all the way up to Penang from Kluang, Johor. Hahha.

Proof that I was there! Haha. It was after the interview 🙂

But anyway, I Google-kan some interview tips and questions that they can ask, and just mentally prepare myself. There’s lots and lots of online tips and advice available, seriously.

Well, did they help? I would say yes, to some extend. Actually, the few months of applying for scholarships also helped, because I had to write a few 200 word essays on why I choose my course of study, what’s my future career plan, etc. That helped me to sort things out, know exactly in detail what I want and how I am to go about achieving it. So really know the what, why and how on your course of study and aspirations. Don’t tergagap-gagap on that one!

During the interview, they also asked world and nation issues, and also questions about USM, so read up!

Personally, I learnt 2 things through this interview:

1. Don’t be overwhelmed by the question I don’t know the answer to.
Try to reverse it like tell them that you don’t know, but you know some other thing about that topic.
E.g. I didn’t know what was the USM motto, but I told them I visited their faculty website and I know that Communications has been around since yada yada yada..
If really cannot think of an answer, then don’t just say “I don’t know” (which I did)..
Instead say “I don’t know, but I’ll find out”, stuff like that.

2. Don’t say or ask stupid things.
Lolz. But you wouldn’t really know how stupid they are until after that. Haha.
But seriously, don’t ask questions like, “Can I speak in Malay? Cos it’s easier for me to speak..”, when the question is posted to you in English!*
Or give sweeping statements like, “Information in the internet is not true..”
Surely kena kau kau one!
And no, I didn’t ask or say such stuff, but there were people who did!

*If question is posted in English, answer in English, if Malay, the same goes.

Oh well, that’s my take on this interview.
It’s always a good great experience to go for interviews =)

23 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. grace
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 22:47:47

    Nice to meet you. Just has a question that beset my mind, if I didn’t go for the interview, that means I am disqualified straightaway? Thanks for your helping^^ I am now dithering

  2. tienhui
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 00:36:57

    hey there Grace. i can’t say for sure that you won’t get it, but the chances of getting is probably low. I haven’t met anyone in my course who did not go for the interview. Bear in mind too, that the number of students for each intake is low, since it became APEX university. So they would of course select students who went for interview first. You won’t be able to go for interview? What course did you apply for?

  3. shang
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 21:37:21

    Hi, nice to meet you 🙂 just wanna ask what kind of world issues it is gonna ask. Is like economy, health, politic or what aspect? or One Malaysia? lolz.

  4. tienhui
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 22:38:42

    Hi Shang, basically just general news/happenings. Some of my friends got questions about the Reds in Thailand, cos it was one of the isu-isu hangat at that time. Some were directed to a specific topic, but for me, they asked what I know was happening, both nationally and internationally. Yeah, so just have a rough idea on what’s been happening, it’ll be fine =)

  5. grace
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 11:05:15

    I decided to go for the interview in Kelantan on next Monday, since I should not miss this golden chance =) I chose the speech pathologist course. I just felt a bit nervous and wish I can pull through it! Thanks for your advice anyway, it helps a lot, it gives me a rough idea about the whole process. And it reminds me that preparation is a must for this interview, it sounds serious and tension bit though. =)

  6. Amira Zehar
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 16:38:20

    I just checked online saying that I’ve to go for the interview on this upcoming May 3rd for Dentistry. So basically, are the questions that will be asked are almost the same for most of the interviews, regardless of what course you choose?

  7. Athira Halim
    Apr 25, 2012 @ 13:48:08

    Amira Zehar! I also got the interview for dentistry. Freaking nervous man. Hey if u dont mind, do add me at facebook please thanxxx!

  8. tienhui
    May 01, 2012 @ 15:57:44

    Amira, not sure if the questions are the same for every course. So far, from my friends in architecture, they also asked questions on general knowledge. I guess that would be the same for everyone.

  9. Tee Pei Jing
    May 02, 2012 @ 09:22:35

    Tq… 2morow I will sit for communication interview…I hope tat ur information can help me

  10. oceannguyen
    Jan 19, 2013 @ 14:36:20

    Dear friend,
    May I ask what’s your name please?
    My name is Ocean. I’m from Vietnam and I am planning to apply to USM.
    I was googling about USM interview and I came across your blog. Thank you so much for posting such helpful information. However I would like to ask if you know the location of the interview for international students. I was concerned if I have to fly to Penang in the future to complete the interview round. Thank you!

  11. Tien Hui (@wtienhui)
    Jan 19, 2013 @ 22:57:26

    Hi Ocean, nice to meet you. I’m Tien Hui. I’m not so sure of the whereabouts for international students’ interview. Maybe you can ask/email them? Feel free to ask me anything else. All the best for your applications!

  12. thana@23
    Mar 09, 2013 @ 23:57:11

    hi Tien Hui.. i’m waiting for my STPM result.. so scary… i juz wanna ask interior designing course in USM is for science or arts stream students.. because i’m from arts stream… just wanna confirm with you.. and can i know what kind of CGPA they expect for interior designing course?? thank you..

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  16. Nivashinee
    May 02, 2013 @ 12:16:06

    Heyy there,
    They asked us to bring our stationery and a portfolio during the interview. The thing is that what is a portfolio?? Is it a resume

  17. altervista
    May 02, 2013 @ 17:20:27

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  19. J-nis
    May 03, 2013 @ 21:10:00

    i would like 2 ask hw long an interview processing?
    is it half an hour per person? or jus few mins?
    hw many % tat the interviewee wil be selected 2 study in the course tat they interview?

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    May 20, 2013 @ 23:42:18

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  21. jessie
    May 30, 2013 @ 15:12:27

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  22. nurhidayah nazri
    May 06, 2014 @ 10:44:14

    hi! im going to USM for interview in accountancy course. in your opinion what question that would be ask in the interview?? I have no idea bcos this is my first time.

  23. Hayzel
    May 06, 2015 @ 18:13:37

    Good evening, i wanna ask that how many art & design portfolios you’ve brought to interview ? Thanks for your reply. 🙂

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