this week..

Everyone (including me) squeezing in to fill up the tutorial slots

Yeap, I joined the squeeze too!
For the thrill of it! Hahha.
But yeah, partly, also cos I was there earlier than the rest, and when they came, they just started squeezing!

part of me table

Went for medical check-up at Pusat Sejahtera (clinic in campus).
Heard from people to go early, like at 5pm, cos there’ll be lotz of people..
So I did, went after class at 4.45pm (ended earl), and there were people waiting there already!
Well, was early enough, completed it in 1.5 hours =D
Some of my friends took 3 hours or so, cos mesin panas (prob the x-ray) and they had to wait.
It was basically x-ray, weight, height, urine test, eyesight, blood pressure, brain..
The interesting part of all these was meeting people while waiting, talking about how “apex” USM is. lol.
And also the x-ray! Me first time!

where i've been living

Me room!
Have you been curious how my room looks like? hehe.
It’s pretty big, I must say.. compared to some others..
I’ve got space to walk, a pretty big writing table..
Actually when I first came I was kinda surprised at how okay-ly furnished it was.
Cos I remember entering my brother’s room when he first entered USM.. so narrow and small and dark!
Grateful, grateful!


Few of us tried some meatball spaghetti near my hostel, and it’s not bad!
Me likey the meatballs!

on a gloomy Tuesday

Tuesdays are a urgh.
Firstly, have to wake up soooo early for TITAS (Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia) class..
It’s a compulsory subject for everyone..
Dah la boring, so early in the morning some more!
Secondly, there’s 2 more i-dun-really-like classes after that..
Another 4 hours! ahhha..

waiting for 4.50pm haha

Today’s only lecture..
I had to try to keep myself awake.. and interested?
Look at their faces.. hahha..


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joel Yap
    Jul 31, 2010 @ 15:13:37

    They never gave me me X-ray after stripping me upper body! no fair no fair….

  2. muffled
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 11:41:02

    stripping! righhttttt. hahha! it was funny la the girls all felt so uncomfortable haha

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