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Initially, I wanted to type an emo post here..
but then as I was just reflecting on past events throughout these few weeks, I guess there’s much to be thankful for =)

Yeap, last two weeks was indeed an experience of. Um.. what they call as ‘uni life’?
Monday and Tueday presentations, Wednesday test, Thursday presentation, Friday to Monday assignment, Tuesday and Wednesday tests, and.. *pheww*
And people ask how come first years so busy -_-”
Even my partner for Titas, who’s in her second year thought I as in second year cos I had so many things.
-_- again.

Books we borrowed for assignment.. Some of them are pretty good reads!

Hearing people say how fun and easy going uni is.. makes us first years go, “Where got la.”
Is it that we take them too seriously? Or is it that we are memang busy mizzy?
Hahha. Guess for now, I shall just quote from Mr Accountant Ooi, “You all kena tipu dy la..”

Amidst all these, I’m learning to be satisfied and contented in Him, that He brought me through it all, and my presentations in BM wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I found myself speaking pretty fluently in BM without having to translate them from English in my mind! (yes, i’m amazed!)

And although I tak sempat study much for all those tests (i’m not that smart in tikam-ing haha), and one of my results that came out dy wasn’t good, and I have a bad bad feeling about the rest, including my assignment.. laying it at His feet, cos it’s over!
May these lead to better times ahead 🙂

Next up, I thank God for friends! =D
I’ve been finding myself so introverted these days due to few events and observations..
Been wondering (since i entered uni) how people can say stuff like, “Eh, you’re in the same course/desa with me? Never noticed/realised..”
When at the back of my mind it’s like.. I’ve seen them before, I’ve observed them all these while for so long.. but you never noticed me (or it could be simply anyone else).. How can?

I mean, it’s not like I want people to take notice of me or anything, but how can people be that unaware of their surroundings?
Even though there may be friends all around, but.. doesn’t that show how inward focused people can be?
Neither am I saying that I’m such a super duper great observer of my surroundings, but it’s just new to me. It wonders me leh.

Anyways, I’m grateful for all me friends, although they may not be the perfect friend I want them to be, but I’m learning to adapt, accept and appreciate that friends can be as simple and fun as I want them to be =)

some of the people i hang out with.. (shandy's nice on a hot night!) btw, the first one on the right is my roomie =)

and a jogging pal! =D

(More pics of kawan-kawan on FB. Too many and lazy :P)

To end, I wanna say that Ezra has been a cool book to study on. (so random i tau. haha.)
That kept me going on in times of saya-dah-nak-putus-asa.
Brighter tomorrows with Him! (even in the midst of seemingly dark stormy scary days)

Kuterpaku – GMB (click to listen)
Dalam rembulan dan cahya mentari
Di gelap badai dan indahnya pelangi
Dalam tangisan dan wajah berseri
Kan kutemukan kasih terbesar bagi dunia ini

Diam kuterpaku
Dan ku takjub akan kasihMu
Yang tergores indah
Dalam anug’rah
Hatiku milikMu

Indah kuterkagum
Dan kubawakan hidupku
Kau membuat hatiku
Menjadi baru
Bahagia ku mengenalMu

Kuterpaku melihatMu
Kuterkagun memandangMu


prettie prettie yummie!

yums! one of my yums that make me happie! =D

But I like those donuts they sell on streets too. Nicey.
Just had 2 of those after first meet for Photography Club.
And that made me happieee!
(yea, so now you know what to get to cheer me up :P)

Well, it’s almost the end of another week.. so fast! *pheww*
Had like 3 presentations and 1 test done for this week.
And still have 2 assignments and 3 tests to go for next week!

Interesting observations/experiences during the past few weeks:

Meeting new people who ask if I’m in my 2nd or 3rd year. Lol. I’m still young peoples!

There’s been Ramadan stalls set up outside my hostel, and during the day I was walking and saw:

They just leave those eggs there overnight, can go take them!

And plastic bags too, some just left hanging in the open.

Minyak, tauge, etc etc. All the kuali also just left like that too.. They trust us so much!

My most disgusting drink ever.

yea, it was coffee without sugar (which i forgot i didn't have *tukk!*) and oats. smart me who thought it'll taste alright -_-"

31 days..

..since I’ve been away from home. Yeap, it’s been the longest so far, from 3 weeks.

I have to say that at times I do miss talking to my parents, making them laugh (or sometimes trying to), making all the noise at home, and being manja-ed. Hahaha. Hate to admit, but it feels nice to be manja-ed once a while (not too often). Haha.

The first time when I talked to my parents on video call, they were like saying hi to me, but I just sat down there, without saying anything and gave a big big grin. And they just started laughing! Hahh.. I didn’t expect that to happen.. I was actually surprised that they laughed! But it really made me miss making them laugh =)

Aside from that, things have picking up pretty well.
I had difficult times adapting, or accepting certain things..
Finding myself so not me..
Like I thought I’m the adapt-to-things-quickly kind, but nah.. Wrong.
And I never could tahan pink/blink/super girl-ish kinda perkiness/little bit of thing eeeiyeerrrr!/scream easily/girly girly kind, but I somehow didn’t mind their presence!
Lol. So not me. Haha.
But yeah, God carried me through, and still is.
There are still things where I still in the process of adapting or accepting, but I do hope that through it, I’ll treasure every moment of it, and not rush through things.

Yeah, one of the things I struggled to.. accept? was that I’m gonna sit for exams, write essays, and do presentations in BM while my lectures are in rojak, and books are in English.
I used to like everything Malay or don’t mind Malay-ish stuff (from guys to Alkitab to music to movies) kinda thing, but I found myself “What! Aku tak sukeee!”. (purposely wrote in BM, for fun.. to contradict. Hahha.) But don’t worry, I still like OAG and 6ixth Sense. Jiwang jiwanggg! Hahha.

It may seem like.. some “biggg” deal.. but sigh, to me it was.. and still is, a bit.
Like c’mon.. USM’s vision:

Transforming Higher Education for a Sustainable Tomorrow
Transformasi Pengajian Tinggi untuk Kelestarian Hari Esok

Tommorrow I go to work, I’ll use English ok?
Mana itu kelestarian?

Oh well. Big deal. =P

And today I found myself trying to translate accounting terms and concepts from English to BM.
Studied SPM Accounts in BM, that’s why.
Halfway through, I wondered: What has the Malaysian education made me into man?!

Sigh. Let’s all memartabatkan bahasa kebangsaan kami. Yayyyy.

Anyway, I shall end by concluding that through out this one month, I understood and experienced how God is “just there for me” in a very very different way. And I really appreciate all you who took time and initiative to ask how I’ve been. And those who supported me in every way: prayer, advice, listening to me (haha). Really, you played a part in getting me through this 31 days!

u hv to pray that everything turns out ok
and alwiz remember that no matter what God will use ur experience to bless u and bless others
remember that this is a time of stretching ur faith

To the next month ahead, with assignments to hand up, quizzes and presentations to do, and fun! =D