31 days..

..since I’ve been away from home. Yeap, it’s been the longest so far, from 3 weeks.

I have to say that at times I do miss talking to my parents, making them laugh (or sometimes trying to), making all the noise at home, and being manja-ed. Hahaha. Hate to admit, but it feels nice to be manja-ed once a while (not too often). Haha.

The first time when I talked to my parents on video call, they were like saying hi to me, but I just sat down there, without saying anything and gave a big big grin. And they just started laughing! Hahh.. I didn’t expect that to happen.. I was actually surprised that they laughed! But it really made me miss making them laugh =)

Aside from that, things have picking up pretty well.
I had difficult times adapting, or accepting certain things..
Finding myself so not me..
Like I thought I’m the adapt-to-things-quickly kind, but nah.. Wrong.
And I never could tahan pink/blink/super girl-ish kinda perkiness/little bit of thing eeeiyeerrrr!/scream easily/girly girly kind, but I somehow didn’t mind their presence!
Lol. So not me. Haha.
But yeah, God carried me through, and still is.
There are still things where I still in the process of adapting or accepting, but I do hope that through it, I’ll treasure every moment of it, and not rush through things.

Yeah, one of the things I struggled to.. accept? was that I’m gonna sit for exams, write essays, and do presentations in BM while my lectures are in rojak, and books are in English.
I used to like everything Malay or don’t mind Malay-ish stuff (from guys to Alkitab to music to movies) kinda thing, but I found myself “What! Aku tak sukeee!”. (purposely wrote in BM, for fun.. to contradict. Hahha.) But don’t worry, I still like OAG and 6ixth Sense. Jiwang jiwanggg! Hahha.

It may seem like.. some “biggg” deal.. but sigh, to me it was.. and still is, a bit.
Like c’mon.. USM’s vision:

Transforming Higher Education for a Sustainable Tomorrow
Transformasi Pengajian Tinggi untuk Kelestarian Hari Esok

Tommorrow I go to work, I’ll use English ok?
Mana itu kelestarian?

Oh well. Big deal. =P

And today I found myself trying to translate accounting terms and concepts from English to BM.
Studied SPM Accounts in BM, that’s why.
Halfway through, I wondered: What has the Malaysian education made me into man?!

Sigh. Let’s all memartabatkan bahasa kebangsaan kami. Yayyyy.

Anyway, I shall end by concluding that through out this one month, I understood and experienced how God is “just there for me” in a very very different way. And I really appreciate all you who took time and initiative to ask how I’ve been. And those who supported me in every way: prayer, advice, listening to me (haha). Really, you played a part in getting me through this 31 days!

u hv to pray that everything turns out ok
and alwiz remember that no matter what God will use ur experience to bless u and bless others
remember that this is a time of stretching ur faith

To the next month ahead, with assignments to hand up, quizzes and presentations to do, and fun! =D


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. enilit
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 19:08:44

    I find it interesting that people in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Burma and Cambodia don’t complain about learning stuff in current national language + colonial language (Dutch/French/English). And wouldn’t it be cooler to be able to explain something in two different languages instead of just one?

  2. Hiang
    Aug 07, 2010 @ 19:00:53

    eh.. what course are you taking a??

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