prettie prettie yummie!

yums! one of my yums that make me happie! =D

But I like those donuts they sell on streets too. Nicey.
Just had 2 of those after first meet for Photography Club.
And that made me happieee!
(yea, so now you know what to get to cheer me up :P)

Well, it’s almost the end of another week.. so fast! *pheww*
Had like 3 presentations and 1 test done for this week.
And still have 2 assignments and 3 tests to go for next week!

Interesting observations/experiences during the past few weeks:

Meeting new people who ask if I’m in my 2nd or 3rd year. Lol. I’m still young peoples!

There’s been Ramadan stalls set up outside my hostel, and during the day I was walking and saw:

They just leave those eggs there overnight, can go take them!

And plastic bags too, some just left hanging in the open.

Minyak, tauge, etc etc. All the kuali also just left like that too.. They trust us so much!

My most disgusting drink ever.

yea, it was coffee without sugar (which i forgot i didn't have *tukk!*) and oats. smart me who thought it'll taste alright -_-"


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