Today, I am reminded..

..that the world isn’t all nice and wonderful.
That people aren’t all friendly and lovely.

We were at Kampung Paya Community Hall to help out in the mooncake festival outreach program for kids, and I parked my car beside Sean’s.
Wasn’t far off the hall we were heading, but it couldn’t be seen from there.
The event lasted for about three hours.
Sean went to get his car, and found out that his car’s back seat window behind the driver’s seat got smashed.
He drove into the hall compound, Zhi Howe told me what happened: Dashboard drawer opened, CDs scattered, car seat wet (was raining).. but nothing missing.
My first reaction (in my mind): Whattt?!
My next reaction: My car’s parked beside his!

Zhi Howe teman-ed me to go get my car.
Nothing happened. *phew*
Although while unlocking my car door, I thought what if those people ambushed me.

We got back to see Sean.
And then Sean suddenly remembered that his bag’s gone.
The Puma bagpack we bought for his birthday last year, filled with clothes, Bible given by Jit, all prepared to go for Fast Wait Pray (FWP).
No valuables. Good thing!

I followed him to the police station to make a police report..

While waiting, had some thoughts:
I may not 100% understand what he feels..
but I can understand how it feels for something like that to happen.
How it feels to be in shock..
And realise that it’s your mistake..
That it could have been avoided IF only..

How it feels to be in the police station for the first time..
The sense of hopelessness when you’re unable to report details..

How it feels to be grateful, and yet, sad and angry.
Trying to be optimistic, but yet, reality kicks in so badly.
The lost of things, although may not be $ valuable, but it had sentimental value..
Knowing that it’s a slim chance of ever getting them back..

It all reminds me of.
That one incident, with a snatch thief.
Which is enough to make me reallyy aware.
To make me fear each time I hear a motorcycle.
To make me realise that motorcycles have different colours..
To make me realise, that the world, isn’t all that nice and wonderful.
And people, ain’t all that friendly and lovely.

Yet, when I think back of the time I went jogging after a week or so after that incident,
of how I was reminded that good people still exist.
People who smiles and give positive remarks along the way..
People who are genuine.

Oh, what a world I live in!


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