yaroq the plant, has died. it really has. about two years ago.

so, since it’s dead, let’s leave the dead and let’s celebrate life.


that’s where life continues!

cheers! =)

what do you do?

what do you do, when your heart and mind isn’t where it should be?
what do you do, when you start to feel the mundane?
what do you do, when you’re afraid of the journey ahead?

for all the worries, fears and in the midst of the mundane,
all i can do is hold on to God.
and surrender to the ever trust-able God.

(i’m feeling so so so emo-ish and homesick-ish now. and i’ve only been back in uni for 15 hours. a mixture of being too hard on myself, worrying, and laziness. to my second semester, with much love and grace. i’ll get better. just need some time to. =)

the silent presence

it makes a difference, although you all may not know it, but we appreciate it..
you all faster come back la..
that’s why i was so sad when you all left..

such words,
they encourages me
to see how much you all have grown,
and realise that we cannot journey life alone.

it may be a tough and challenging path ahead,
and discouragements may have been seeping in..
uncertain if there is a glimpse of hope..
but keep holding on to Him,
keep pressing on, keep moving on, keep trying.

thank you.
for sharing so openly.

my perspective on coming back has changed =)

“Let us not become weary in doing good,
for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
Therefore, as we have opportunity,
let us do good to all people,
especially to those who belong to the family of believers.”

(Galatians 6:9-10)

only by His grace.

at the end of the day, i wonder who i really am.
i ask myself when did i ever become such a monster.
is that really me? is that really who i want to become?

people’s presence in life lights things up.
as we celebrate life together, and journey alongside.
but yet sometimes, i find myself being such a cruel senseless and selfish presence.

and all i think of is.. myself.

everyone wants attention,
but all in different ways.
mine’s as bad as hurting others.

we talk about others,
and i find myself falling in that same category.
failing to practice self control and view the consequences.

nevertheless.. we fall, and we rise.
may we all have the strength to pick ourselves up.
only by His grace.