prettie prettie yummie!

yums! one of my yums that make me happie! =D

But I like those donuts they sell on streets too. Nicey.
Just had 2 of those after first meet for Photography Club.
And that made me happieee!
(yea, so now you know what to get to cheer me up :P)

Well, it’s almost the end of another week.. so fast! *pheww*
Had like 3 presentations and 1 test done for this week.
And still have 2 assignments and 3 tests to go for next week!

Interesting observations/experiences during the past few weeks:

Meeting new people who ask if I’m in my 2nd or 3rd year. Lol. I’m still young peoples!

There’s been Ramadan stalls set up outside my hostel, and during the day I was walking and saw:

They just leave those eggs there overnight, can go take them!

And plastic bags too, some just left hanging in the open.

Minyak, tauge, etc etc. All the kuali also just left like that too.. They trust us so much!

My most disgusting drink ever.

yea, it was coffee without sugar (which i forgot i didn't have *tukk!*) and oats. smart me who thought it'll taste alright -_-"


31 days..

..since I’ve been away from home. Yeap, it’s been the longest so far, from 3 weeks.

I have to say that at times I do miss talking to my parents, making them laugh (or sometimes trying to), making all the noise at home, and being manja-ed. Hahaha. Hate to admit, but it feels nice to be manja-ed once a while (not too often). Haha.

The first time when I talked to my parents on video call, they were like saying hi to me, but I just sat down there, without saying anything and gave a big big grin. And they just started laughing! Hahh.. I didn’t expect that to happen.. I was actually surprised that they laughed! But it really made me miss making them laugh =)

Aside from that, things have picking up pretty well.
I had difficult times adapting, or accepting certain things..
Finding myself so not me..
Like I thought I’m the adapt-to-things-quickly kind, but nah.. Wrong.
And I never could tahan pink/blink/super girl-ish kinda perkiness/little bit of thing eeeiyeerrrr!/scream easily/girly girly kind, but I somehow didn’t mind their presence!
Lol. So not me. Haha.
But yeah, God carried me through, and still is.
There are still things where I still in the process of adapting or accepting, but I do hope that through it, I’ll treasure every moment of it, and not rush through things.

Yeah, one of the things I struggled to.. accept? was that I’m gonna sit for exams, write essays, and do presentations in BM while my lectures are in rojak, and books are in English.
I used to like everything Malay or don’t mind Malay-ish stuff (from guys to Alkitab to music to movies) kinda thing, but I found myself “What! Aku tak sukeee!”. (purposely wrote in BM, for fun.. to contradict. Hahha.) But don’t worry, I still like OAG and 6ixth Sense. Jiwang jiwanggg! Hahha.

It may seem like.. some “biggg” deal.. but sigh, to me it was.. and still is, a bit.
Like c’mon.. USM’s vision:

Transforming Higher Education for a Sustainable Tomorrow
Transformasi Pengajian Tinggi untuk Kelestarian Hari Esok

Tommorrow I go to work, I’ll use English ok?
Mana itu kelestarian?

Oh well. Big deal. =P

And today I found myself trying to translate accounting terms and concepts from English to BM.
Studied SPM Accounts in BM, that’s why.
Halfway through, I wondered: What has the Malaysian education made me into man?!

Sigh. Let’s all memartabatkan bahasa kebangsaan kami. Yayyyy.

Anyway, I shall end by concluding that through out this one month, I understood and experienced how God is “just there for me” in a very very different way. And I really appreciate all you who took time and initiative to ask how I’ve been. And those who supported me in every way: prayer, advice, listening to me (haha). Really, you played a part in getting me through this 31 days!

u hv to pray that everything turns out ok
and alwiz remember that no matter what God will use ur experience to bless u and bless others
remember that this is a time of stretching ur faith

To the next month ahead, with assignments to hand up, quizzes and presentations to do, and fun! =D


My friend who worked in Barney’s last time came back for Raya. So I went out with her just a few hours ago. And yes, after that, we dropped by Barney’s.

Hehhe. Somehow, our hearts are still there =D

Great to see some of them there.

Ranjit’s even back! Like. Since a month ago? Wow.

The rest.. we haven’t met for like. A long time?

Just a simple drop by can bring so many memories back.

And so does the teasing. And inside jokes.


Oh well.

Know what?

I’m really really super duper thankful and glad that I have a group of Malay friends. And not just that. A group of friends whom I feel comfortable with. I mean, they’re so down to earth! I can just talk to them about anything and everything, there’s no need to set a status or a standard. They don’t act as if they have class, they are just who they are! Open and friendly and simple.

I bet you’ll understand what I mean when you’ve met people who set a standard for themselves. Like who they can talk with and who they can’t.

Hahha. Yes, I menghargai them now. Since. Experiences in Form 6 =P

As for studies…

You know they say that: It’s the thought that counts.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way with studies.


One week of holidays…
It’s not how many hours I have…
It’s how much I put into those hours.

But my brain’s slow. I take ages to do a chapter.

Like. From stone age to pendekatan kontengensi.



Someone’s a [muffled] fraud on my msn.


(I’m not a cry wolf)

(but a sob wolf)


Back! Back! Back!

Wahh.. After days of waiting for Yenn-ie to be back in Kluang…

Yayy! Finally got to see her. Hear her voice.

What a privilege! Hahha =P

Well, since I didn’t get to post about her going off to Singapore..

I’ll just say something about her back in Kluang.

First of all, the waiting. Don’t know why everything seems to be associated with her coming back… Like. Eating waffle stick. Cat wanting to eat mash potato. Watching movie. And, a conversation between Cat and I on the way to tuition after passing by BCB:

“What kind of fashion people have nowadays?”

“Ya loh, wah, imagine Jae-Yenn having her own clothes line.”

“Ya ya, then open her own boutique.”

“Then her boutique and clothes line can be named ‘Yenn-ie’.”

“Wahh… I help her settle all the paper work and laws to abide. Then you help her design her shop.”

“But what I can do she also can do. Ah, I know. I help her advertise!”

“Ya, okay okay… So cool right? Three of us…”


Secondly. There isn’t secondly. Hahh.

Yes. Miss you we do. I do.

Okay. Better stop talking about her before she becomes perasan pulak =P

Next up.

Shaiful Nazreen. My ex-classmate who sat beside me.

He left during the first week of July. Sad loh. No one who bersemangat when ucap-ing teacher and no one to play lame teka-teki with!

Miss him lah. Still remember the day he left Kluang (after a week he stopped school), during his journey to KL we played teka-teki lehh! So nice after not having him in class for like so long! Wahhaha…

Yeah. Met up with him after meeting up with Yenn-ie (supposedly with Syafiq too, but his relatives came that day so he couldn’t join us).


Guys in my class… So look so cool… And we just had to call all of the guys to tangkap gambar, and they just stand where they are and smile!

Us and Shaiful

Malay classmates

Bao Ching’s Bday

Cat’s Bday

Class photo for school magazine.

Picture taken using Deshon’s handphone to set as wallpaper secretly =P

Berceramah-ing during MPP Elections

After elections


Di sini ku menanti..aku menanti)

Dalam tidur Ku terjaga dan terasa sunyi

Kedinginan semata-mata menyelubungi

Masih jua (Di sini ku menanti)

Masih jua (Aku menanti)

Masih jua (Aku menanti)

Masih jua (Aku menanti)

by douglas lim & chelsia ng


I really like this show!

And it’s the best Malaysian TV series so far!

So so so much better!

And thanks to 8TV, I can watch the episodes online…

now that I’m working on Sunday nights…


*can’t wait for the next episode* 

Work-ie-ing at Barney’s

It truly has been a journey!
And it hasn’t ended yet =)
 Ain (one the left) has really been a great friend at work..
Heh, and all those “bullying” with her other partner in crime:
 Yes, this is Ina. She’s small, cute, but a cili padi.
And because she’s small, she was to walk faster when there’s a lot of customers.
 Ika! The cashier.. The way she handles work, situations, wow. It is really amazing. And she really doesn’t look the same age as me, but she is!
 Epul, his laughter is a bit high pitch.. hahha.

 Naza (the guy wearing a cap), the drinks maker..
He is one naughty, playful, joke-ish guy!
But he does his work well! Really well.
These people  above mentioned were the ones who taught me everything, since I started.. Wahhaha. Appreciate them, I really do =)
Now, for some people…
we met, we talked, we shared, we laughed.
And we parted.
Syafiq (the guy) stopped work two weeks after I started.
He looks so innocent right? =P
 Harjit, one of the “chefs” stopped work beginning of March.
He’s someone who has a really different, yet, interesting experience in life. I admire him for all he has been through.
 Kak Ent (the one in red), she was sort of asked to stop work, she came 3 weeks after I started.
 Kak Ent and Aini (the one in brown)
 Epul and Aini
 Epul, Aini, Ika, Kak Ent
Some work in progress:

Ina, wiping the cutlery.

Ika, fixing the phone line for the credit card.
Epul, waiting to give the customer back the credit card.
I wrote this board!! Hahha.
One of the things I like doing there..
 One of our pastimes, filling up the “tissue cups”.
Working in Barney’s..
wah, can meet a lot of people *duhh*
Okay, people I know lah =P
 Schoolmates, YFers, churchie people, friends, etc.
 Oh yeah, especially Ah Ma. Like so many times..
And she helps me willingly on her own accord to do some work.
 Some random shot. Hahha.
That’s the place we sometimes sit down and hang out.
Well, last week was the most disguising week..
I had to clean someone’s vomit in the SINK.
And it was left overnight because the one supposed to wash the toilet the night before didn’t clean it up.
Of all things, vomit in the sink?
Don’t ever vomit in the sink!
The poor, dirty, yucky sink will get blocked =(
 I saw a little baby mouse, trapped in between the mirror and the brown brush, in the worker’s toilet.. It was so so so super cute! I mean the mouse! It was like blinking its eyes and breathing. And because its stuck, I could see its stomach going up and down while it was breathing.
If only I could have taken a photo of it..
Or, catch it and keep it as my pet!
But it won’t be for long lah.
Ever since I started to work, I find that there are much more things of better priority than to just go online and blog.
 That’s why.

Something fun

Ques 1: Where can you find this road?

Ques 2: What is the name of this building?

Ques 3: Where is this building found?

Ques 4: Whose house has this water can?

Ques 5: What tuition was the photographer at when this was taken?

Ques 6: Where was the photographer when this was taken?

Ques 7: Who is behind those balloons?

Ques 8: What subject does this teacher teach?

Ques 9: What were they playing?

Ques 10: Where do you usually see this person?

Ques 11: Name the driver.

Ques 12: Name this person.

Ques 13: Who is Gideon talking to?

Ques 14: Whose shoe is that?

Don’t copy answers okay?

It’s all unanswerable if:  You attend YF, church, go for games, have common sense, live in Kluang, and remember what you see.

Hahahahaa. Weee!

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